The Livery Stable

CarrolAs important as the blacksmith was to the formation of the town, the livery stable was just as important for supplying the horses and wagons.  They supplied the community and travelers with
various parts that were needed to keep travelers mobile.  Often times the blacksmith and the livery stable were side by side as their two trades were so interwoven.

Wagons needed repaired, new ones needed built and if you were in town for a while you needed a place to keep your carriage.  You could also rent a carriage.  Not every family could afford one for everyday use, but if a carriage was need for a special time or event it could be rented.

This was a framing and ranching community from the beginning as was most of Nebraska and this part of the country.  A livery stable was vital for the communities success.



Photo Courtesy of: McKaso Photo Art