PPJ Fence

PPJ FenceIn the age of the western frontier and the settling of local communities there were many needs and then many wants, then the fulfillment of those needs and wants.  

We needed heat, so stoves and furnaces were invented, re-invented and modified to fit the needs.  We needed clothing and little needs to be said about the conversion from animal skins to the polyester of today.

Our forefathers had needs too.  Oil the hogs, grind the hay, kill the grasshoppers, heat the parlor, make sausage, cover the flue pipe, roll the dough, wash the shirt and the list goes on.

On this fence you may find things that you are familiar with in a distant way.  Things we may not need or use today, but things that fulfilled the needs and wants of our ancestors.  There were no “disposable” things in that age, but some of these things may have come close.  They were used until the need was fulfilled or until a better design came along or maybe used until it simply wore out.  Most items were made of iron, some were made of tin, but none were made from plastic.

What does PPJ stand for?  Pre Plastic Junk =)

Enjoy the view


Photo courtesy of: Mckaso Photo Art